Simple Detox by Dr. J's Naturals


Say goodbye to bloating and sluggishness with SIMPLE DETOX. See results in three days as SIMPLE DETOX cleans out toxins and waste from your liver, kidneys, and colon. Typically, you may lose 3–5 pounds while doing a five-day detox. You could see improvements in skin, dark spots, sleep, digestion, energy, healthy weight loss, and mental clarity with reduced bloating, constipation, and headaches. With milk thistle to support liver detox and cleansing.

Powerful detox for liver, kidneys & colon *

Decreases bloating and body fat *

Enhances absorption of nutrients *

With dandelion, sarsaparilla and milk thistle

Pair with Simple Cleanse for a whole body cleanse and detox experience

Contains 30 capsules

*Results / benefits may vary person to person, no guarantee of results

**Results / benefits noted in customer reviews may vary person to person, no guarantee of results

"This is a great remedy for when you just want to 'reset' your body. Great for gut health and getting rid of the toxins."

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