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Why submit for a Seal-of-Approval?The Benefits of a Third Party Endorsement

When given a choice between two like products, a consumer is more apt to purchase a product that bears a seal-of-approval.


The seal is an unbiased "thumbs up" that garners the attention and confidence of consumers and retail buyers. Savvy shoppers are skeptical of online reviews these days, but an endorsement of a third party speaks volumes.

The seal seals the deal!



Ways to Use Your Seal-of-Approval

A valuable tool in your PR arsenal!


Include your seal on packaging setting your product apart from the others on the shelf. 

Sales Sheeets
Press Releases

Announce your award in a press release to trade publications and media.

Inform retail buyers that your product has been vetted and endorsed by a third party company so they can order with confidence.

Trade Show Displays

Spruce up your trade show space with award signage. Dedicate an entire wall to your awards and you'll be sure to grab the attention of attendees!

Email Marketing

Get the word out to your database! Let them know your products have been tested, tried & awarded!

Amazon Listings

Close the sale with online shoppers. Display the seal on your listing for an added selling point. 


What are the benefits in submitting for a BEEwell Seal-of-Approval?

Award programs are great PR and marketing vehicles to boost awareness of your products and brand. Products that are awarded with a BEEwell Seal-of-Approval have been put through a rigorous evaluation program. An award from us speaks volumes to both the consumer and retail buyer, giving them the confidence that your product is worth the buy. Our market research has shown that consumers consider a seal-of-approval highly influential when making purchases. Winners receive a digital seal to use on packaging and in marketing at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Please note that we are not a "pay-to-play" program. Entering your product does not guarantee a seal-of-approval. If your product falls short, we will provide feedback from testers to help you with future product development.

How do I submit my product for a BEEwell Award?

You may submit your product by filling out the online submission form. There is a fee to submit and two samples are required for the evaluation process. Detailed shipping instructions will be provided upon completion of the online entry form. Click here to fill out the online submission form.

What do I get if my product wins?

Winners receive:

  • Credibility and distinction, as viewed by consumers, buyers and industry peers
  • Complimentary seal art files in various formats for printing and online exposure.
  • Quote to use in press releases and sales sheets (upon request)
The real value of this program is the seal. Our market research has shown that consumers consider a seal-of-approval highly influential when making purchases. So the products that are awarded the seal can use it on packaging, websites and trade/consumer show displays; and also in press releases and buyer pitches. Look at the seal as a tool, part of your PR arsenal.

What types of products do you accept?

BEEwell Awards recoginizes outstanding products in the health and beauty industries. Products include:

  • CBD/Hemp products

  • Cosmetics

  • Fitness products and attire

  • Gadgets and gear pertaining to a healthy lifestyle

  • Hair care

  • Health and Fitness apps

  • Natural household products

  • Natural or organic food products

  • Natural pet products

  • Skin care

  • Supplements

  • Toiletries

Is the seal-of-approval really that valuable?

YES! Studies show, that given two similar products, a consumer is more likely to choose the product that bears a seal-of-approval. Think about the last time you walked down the wine aisle at the grocery store ... or were shopping for the best BBQ sauce ... or even looking at a big ticket item like a car! Award-winning products have that added endorsement that gives consumers the confidence to make that purchase. Yes, online reviews are helpful, but consumers are now quite savvy and are very skeptical of bogus reviews. Companies are spending thousands of dollars to populate websites and social media with these fictitious reviews, deceiving consumers.

If I enter, am I guaranteed an award?

We are not a "Pay-to-Play" program. Each submission is judged on its own merit, based on the following criteria (including but not limited to):

  • Quality
  • Ease of use
  • Price point
  • Entertainment/educational value (if applicable)
  • Effectiveness (if applicable)
  • Packaging
  • Innovation
  • Usefulness
Submissions that fall short are given judges' feedback and notes, in an effort to help with product development. Think of this as marketing research or a focus group, at a very low fee.

Why is there a fee to enter?

As much as we'd like to evaluate products at no charge, we do have costs associated with running a business. Our fees, however, are one of the lowest in the awards space with absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES. Should you win, the seal is yours to use at no charge for the life of the product. Be aware when entering any awards program of any hidden fees other than the submission fee.

Are there other services you provide?

Aside from having several years experience in the consumer products awards space, we also have PR leg that can help you expand your reach and grow your business. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.


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